A Cam Girl's Dirtiest Story

Oh! My! My!! The dirtiest camming story of my life. Wow that is a tricky one. I have infinite number of dirty stories to tell and I don’t know where to start. Oh! Yeah, got it. Let me tell you the one I like the most.
It was a fine chilly winter night. I had just picked up the phone to call my friends to go to the nearby bar and get fucked by a few thick dicks when I received a message raining on my parade.
It was from a prospective client. His name was Raj and he was interested in having a cam session the next day, but he had a few kinky requests. The moment I heard these request I knew that the session was going to be a dirty and kinky. The kinkiest of the request was that he wanted my whole body covered except my boobs, pussy, lips and eyes. He send me a very beautiful masquerade mask the same day to use for the session. It covered almost all of my face with only my lips and eyes visible.
The next day the whole day I was excitedly waiting for the session. I could think of nothing else all day long but how kinky the night’s session is gonna be.
I wore the tight shiny faux leather jumpsuit with holes cut out in place of boobs and pussy. I wore the masquerade mask as well. So basically, I was covered from head to toe of my body with only my eyes, lips, my two huge boobs and my pussy showing. Looking at the mirror I had never felt so sexy, kinky and horny ever before.
The session started. He was a handsome man probably in his late 40’s. It was one of those many moments, when I realize what a good thing I did when I Google searched for some cam girl jobs.
As soon as the session started he said –“Oh you look fuckable.”
Me- “I know you wanna fuck me hard, Raj.”
He asked me to sit on the chair with my legs spread apart. I sat and spread my legs and my pussy was on exhibit.
His huge cock was already hard and out of his pants. Here I was sitting on a chair in a faux leather suit exhibiting my boobs and pussy to a stranger who was ready to jerk off watching it.
Raj- “Now, tell me from the start all about how many men fucked you like the bitch you are. You look like the bitch who would spreads her legs to anyone. And touch your boobs while you tell the story.”
I felt dirty and horny that I am about to narrate my fuck stories to a total stranger.
Me- “The first person to ever fuck me was my married neighbor Jim. He had an open relationship with his wife. One day there was a party at their house and all our neighbors and friends were there. It was late and most of us decided to crash at their house.
His wife Sara was always very vocal about allowing for her husband to fuck other women and during the party she had invited any girl who wanted to do so to feel free to fuck her husband tonight while she was sleeping in the same room. So I knew she would absolutely love it if her hubby fucks me while she was sleeping in the same bed.
When I finally was done partying and decided to call it a night I left Jim a note saying to meet me in the room his wife was sleeping if he wanted to fuck me. A few people were still partying. By the time I reached the room Sara was fast asleep.
As soon I lay on the bed Jim came to the room with a big bulge in his pants. I removed my panties as soon as I saw him and pulled up my bra revealing my huge juicy boobs. Without saying a word, he immediately slid his cock out and put it in my mouth and I started sucking it. He squeezed my boobs and lay me down on the bed near his sleeping wife and inserted his huge cock in my pussy and fucked me hard. He came in my pussy and left the room immediately. All he wanted was a good fuck and nothing more.
I pulled over the blanket over my body and went to sleep with no my panties and boobs out of my bra thinking about how my middle aged neighbor fucked me with his wife sleeping right next to us and with a lot of other people still partying in the house.
When I woke up next morning, my blankies were off me, may be coz I shifted in my sleep. My friend who had slept in the nearby room previous night came in to wake me up and saw me with no panties and tits showing and smiled and said “Oh looks like you had fun last night” and I said “Yea girl, I had a good hard one night stand fuck last night”.
Raj, starting to stroke his cock harder says- “Yes, Bitch. You are a horny fucking cunt to allow your middle aged neighbor to fuck you while his wife was sleeping right next to you. Tell me more about your other fucks.”
Me – “My next fuck was with my roommate. That was the moment I realized I was a bi. My roommate, Anna always used to walk around half naked around the room. Her huge boobs jiggled like fine jelly as she walked. One night we were about to sleep when she asked me if I wanted to suck her boobs. I was nervous and horny at the same time. I wasted no time in squeezing and sucking her boobs and licking her pussy. She sucked mine as well. I fucked her with her strap-on dildo. That was just the start of my steaming sex life.”
Raj, now starting to jerk the huge dick faster says- “Yes, bitch, keep it going. Tell me the dirtiest way you like to get fucked.”
Me- “Oh, Yes. My dirtiest and best kind of fuck is gloryhole fuck Raj. I and my friend Anna go on long trips and our favorite part of the trip is the little breaks we take at the convenient stores and gas stations with bathrooms that has glory holes. We bend down and lift our skirts up, align our pussys with the holes and wait for a cock to enter our wet cunt. In a couple of minutes huge cocks enter our pussys through the holes. The cocks ramm us hard and cum inside our pussys. Oh!! I love the feeling of getting fucked by total starager’s through a glory hole.”
Raj- “Oh yes bitch. You are a dirty bitch who fucks around anyone she can find.”
He says loudly as he climaxes and squirts his cum.
Me- “Yes, cum for me Raj, cum in my pussy, cum for me.”
Well, that’s one of my favorite and dirtiest camming stories. It still makes me horny to think that I narrated my dirtiest sexual encounters with a stranger who was jerking off watching and hearing my stories while I was sitting on a chair with my boobs and pussy on exhibit. To this day I masturbate thinking of that glorious cam session night with Raj.

How my first day as a cam girl went on

I still remember the first day of my cam girl experience. I was nervous, tensed, excited and horny all at the same time. I had never been naked in front of strangers on a camera before that day.
I had watched a lot of videos and read a lot of articles on how to do perfect live cam shows. But the thought of performing in front of a stranger still unnerved me.
The first call came in. It was to be a one hour session. My heart was racing. I took a deep breath, tried to calm myself and attended the call. My hands were still shaking when I took the call.
My first client’s name was Peter. He said he was around 40, but looked very young for his age. He was the owner of a famous restaurant chain and loved cam sex shows as well as the real deal. He was sweet, funny and gentle. His demeanor made me feel at ease.
He asked me to remove my bra and show him my boobs. I unhooked my bra, removed it and started touching my boobs.
Peter- “Yes, just like that… touch yourself. Tell me do you like it when you touch yourself? Tell me if you like me watch you touch yourself.”
Me-“Yes Peter, I love that you are watching me touch myself.”
I slowly started stroking my pussy for Peter to see. Then I inserted my middle finger into my wet tight pussy.
Peter- “Yes baby, stroke your pussy. Work that tight, hot pussy. That is what I am talking about.”
Then slowly and sensually I tasted my pussy juice off my finger and asked him, “Do you want to taste by pussy, Peter?”
Peter- “Yes, baby I wanna taste your honeypot. I wanna lick your sweet pussy and every part of your hot body. Come to me baby.”
I moved closer to the camera, held out my hand sensuously and said, “Taste my pussy dear, taste it.”
He pretended as if he were licking my fingers and tasting my pussy juice over the video and said. “Hmm .. that is the best tasting pussy I have ever tasted.”
I blushed and asked, “Do you wanna fuck this tasty pussy Peter?”
Peter- “Yes, baby. I wanna kiss you and suck your tits. I wanna fuck you hard.”
Me- “Then fuck me. Take that big cock of yours out of your pants and fuck me hard baby.”
He took his dick out and started jerking it.
Me, Fucking my pussy with 2 of my fingers- “Yes, baby, fuck me, fuck me just like that, I have been waiting for that big cock inside me. Fuck me hard.”
Peter jerked his dick faster and faster and I fucked my pussy with my fingers harder. With a loud moan both of us came at almost the same time. I was breathless coz of the excitement.
He then continued to chat with me for about half an hour about his life and all and finally thanked me and left me a huge tip.
That’s how my first ever session as a cam girl went. It was a real success and I was beaming with happiness that it went hell lot better than I had expected. I was planning on only a single session as it was my first day but the huge success of my first session made me to try another one.
The next call came in and I was excited.
To my surprise, this caller women. She was somewhere around 35, beautiful and had a wonderful body that I wish I had. The thought that it was a lady on the other side helped me calm down a bit more.
Her name was Laura and she was the senior VP of a famous retail chain. She was bi and loved having threesomes with her sex buddies. She was rather interested in telling her wild sexual encounter stories and wanted me to watch her touch herself than the other way round.
She wore a long evening gown which made every part of her body look exquisite. She had the perfect figure that made me envious to the core. She slowly and sensually unziped the zip at the back of her gown and her beautiful, milky boobs popped out. They were the most perfect and beautiful boobs that I had ever seen.
She slowly touched and squeezed them for me to see. She said that she loved strangers watching her touch herself and talk dirty about it.
While touching herself she told me the story of her first sex with her girlfriend Natasha. Natasha was her classmate in college and well as her roommate. Natasha was well known for sleeping around and she loved the fact that everyone knew about it.
Natasha and Laura liked each other and wanted to explore each other sexually but did not get a chance coz most of the time they were surrounded by other friends. One day they were in class and had exams going on. The professor was sitting at his desk in the front of the class and reading something while the class was taking the test.
Natasha and Laura were in the last bench and Natasha started touching Laura’s thighs. Laura was on cloud nine. Her girlfriend was touching her in a classroom full of people. Laura spread her legs a bit to facilitate Natasha to work on her pussy. Natasha stroked her pussy wildly. Laura unbuttoned her shirt, and Natasha sucked on her tits in the classrooms. Natasha then unbuttoned her shirt as well. She never wore a bra. As soon as she unbuttoned her shirt, her gorgeous boobs popped out. Laura sucked and licked it to her hearts content.
Since it was the classroom they were not able to do much more. That evening they told their friends something urgent had come up and reached their room early and fucked each other with their fingers and dildos like real bitches.
Laura said that they still continue to fuck each other every now and then after all these years.
Laura is now a frequent client of mine and everytime she calls she has a new steamy story of her wild sexual encounters.
Well, that’s how my first day as a cam girl went. I went from the nervous girl to confident, self-assured women in no time.

Becoming a Cam Girl

Becoming a cam girl was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s one of those very few gigs where color, education, race, size etc. doesn’t matter. I was good at what I did and hence, made my own space in the industry fast. That being said, it was a bit overwhelming when I first stepped into this world.
There are a lot of platforms and live chat website and to sort through all those and find the right website can be quite a daunting task for the untrained. Today I will share my story of how I started my journey of becoming a cam girl. My name is Kala and I am a desi girl. About 3 years ago I was studying part time and also had just started working as an intern in a new architecture firm. I was on the lookout for a side hustle to get some extra pocket money. That is when my colleague Abhi told me that one of our other colleague Lara was working as a cam girl and making good money.
I had only heard about live cam performances and never had actually met a performer in person. So I was curious and searched online about the industry. I found a lot of websites with info and numerous platforms to choose from. There were a couple of sites that asked me money to register with them as cam girl. I told them to fuck off and continued my search.
The next site I found was good, had a good traffic but the hours were long. It was the website’s admin decided our hours and we did not have a say in that. So I ditched that. The third one was good, hour wise but the pay was menial. I mean, if I wanted to work long hours for peanuts I would have tried a normal job, duh. I wanted more, so I continued my search. Meanwhile I worked with a few websites as phone sex operator as well. Pay was good but not as good as I wanted.
I told Abhi about my situation and she introduced me to Lara. She was the one who told me about the www.howtobecomeacamgirl.xyz
I tried it the same day. The website was a gold mine of info on how to choose the right live cam platforms and what are the criteria to take care before entering this world. I found a few websites on there that met my requirements and started digging into it.
One website I found particularly interesting and decided to find more about that. I did extensive research over the internet and asked Lara about the site. All the answers I got were promising. I registered with the website and created my profile. I made sure that the profile I created matched my personality- spicy, fun and exciting. The best part of this website was that I create my own work schedule and no one bosses me around. I choose my clients and now have a long list of clients who love working with me and only me.
Today 4 years later I still work for them and also for many other high profile websites and earn around 10-20 times I earned when I first started. I have a wonderful social and professional life and earn a lot doing something that makes me happy. I buy all and everything my heart pleases and live in a huge house in the prime location of the city. I own numerous cars, houses, apartments etc.
I go overseas almost every other month on vacation and I am currently planning my next vacation spot for this month as I write this. The best part of my job is that I can work even when I am on vacation. Well, me live camming from an exotic hotel room with a breathtaking background is just something most of my clients love. One of my client Ms. Jas actually pays me to go to great vacation spots across the world, choose the best resort with fabulous views and perform for her from there. But the part I love most about being a cam girl is that my sex life has never been so good. Now, I enjoy sex more than ever.
So yup, to sum things up leisure time, great sex, big money, and awesome vacations are just a few perks I earned after I started being a cam girl.
I became successful in this industry only because I took care of some important things. First thing was that I found a website that allowed me to create my own schedule and did not allow any website admin to boss me around. I created a good work and social life balance and hence I never felt that I ever worked even a day in my life. I just feel that I am getting paid to have fun.
Second thing was that I never paid a website to hire me. Another thing I took care is that I made sure to not ever work for pennies. Once I realized that a website was paying me peanuts in exchange for the efforts I put in and that they were scamming me out of big money and taking the major cut of the profit for themselves and I was left with short end of the stick, I quit immediately and found myself a websites that pays good.
That is where www.howtobecomeacamgirl.xyz came in handy for me. They have plethora of details on the best ways to find the best live cam sites. Even though I started 4 years ago and have become an expert in the field, I still go back to the site every now and then for help when and if I find myself in doubt regarding a particular cam site.
So, you all, that’s it for today. I will be back again with some steamy stories of my live sex cam experiences. Till then, bye, bye. Love you all.